Frequently Asked Questions

You can get an answer to all your queries about SteamDL, we have a few FAQs that you might already have in mind listed below.

What is ? is a platform where you can find all of your favorite steam titles that are pre-installed, with direct links and updated to the latest versions.

What are Pre-installed Steam Titles ?

All games that are posted on SteamDL are pre-installed, meaning we have already installed these games for you, therefore you just have to download and play.

Is SteamDL safe ?

SteamDL is completely 100% safe, all games are thoroughly checked and scanned by our mods before uploading them, the integrity of files are always a priority.

How To Download A Title ?

We believe in not only providing games in the best way (Pre-installed) but it is our core value to provide these games in the easiest way possible, therefore all downloads at SteamDL are easy and just 1 click away. You have to click on the buttons below every post / game title to download them.

Are Games Updated Frequently ?

Every game title at SteamDL is updated to the latest version, and frequently all future updates are also applied to the game, you do not need to worry about patching anything.

There is a game missing, how do i request it ?

If you cant find your favorite game title, you can just simply request it on our Request Games page, and it will be uploaded on a priority basis.

My Antivirus Detects The Game Files As A Virus / Trojan, What to do ?

This is a normal behavior for an antivirus / windows defender to detect the game files as a virus, and this is false positive. Therefore, always extract the game files in an antivirus excluded folder only.

I still need help, where to look ?

If you still need some help, head over to our Discord server and our moderators will help you out asap.